Monday, July 6, 2009

Spaces: Pink Apartment St. Marks Place

You wouldn't guess by the high ceilings, chandeliers, crown molding and pink paint that three boys live in this lovely St. Marks apartment. Geoff, Chris and Kristian moved in two years ago--only Geoff is pictured above. When I first visited this giant three bedroom apartment which takes up an entire floor, I assumed that the boys moved into the apartment with pink walls. While shooting, I learned that they opted for the lovely powder pink hue themselves, and they even personally installed and hand-finished one of the chandeliers. The apartment definitely has its boy stamp--bicycles, a stuffed moose head and plastic wrestlers--many of which were gifts left behind by their owners during the $10 Christmas gift exchange. The guys even grow basil on the windowsill for home made meals. The pink walls offer a wonderful contrast to the masculine inhabitants, and the best part is that everything has a story. Even the player piano was trucked in by Geoff from Yonkers (it was free). The 1,000 pound instrument barely made it up the single flight of stairs.

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