Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fabrics: Fall from Argentina

"Autumn Fabrics" by Jessica Hayns and Miranda Sinclair--photographed by Ricardo Labougle--in the October issue of The World of Interiors explores fall fabrics throughout the Calchaqui valleys in the Argentine province of Salta. Fabrics were selected from this year's Focus and Decorex. It is incredible how these florals contrast and compliment the otherwise natural, distressed interiors. I am such a fan of this method of displaying the season's latest finds.

Buy: Hermes Scarves Meet Liberty Prints

From September 7th to October 18th, Liberty London's scarf room has turned into a Hermes pop-up accessory shop. Most importantly, their recent collaboration of vintage Liberty prints and Hermes scarves has many fans of both Hermes and Liberty jumping up and down. For those of you who live outside the UK, you can find these limited edition accessories on the website. Prices start at 80 GBP, and they do ship internationally for a small fee.,-Hermès-Pour-Liberty/27013

Friday, September 25, 2009

Give: Ipot Nano with Video and Radio, $149-$179

The new iPod Nano takes video, and you can play and pause FM radio. What a great holiday gift for $149-$179...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Inspiration: Lars Sjoberg, Sweedish Country-side

Photos by Miguel Flores Vianna, The World of Interiors, June 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Stay: Thompson LES, NYC

One of the biggest complaints I hear about New York is that the hotel rates are outrageous and the rooms are small. I found a great downtown solution for those of you who love downtown New York and have an appreciation for Soho and the Lower East side. The Thompson LES, the sister to 60 Thompson, offers all of the amenities that make Thompson Hotels so great: modern aesthetic, good restaurant, fun bars and great service, but most importantly the rooms are larger than your average NYC hotel. I would recommend the King Superior room. The Thompson LES is situated just 3 blocks from Soho and sits on the North-West corner of the Lower East Side just below Houston. Rooms can be found under $300 during the week and under $400 for weekends. My father and brother tried it on their last visit and insisted on staying there again. Did I mention the great pool and Chang restaurant?
Thompson LES

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rugs in Gray

Spaces: Victoria and Antonia Thompson

Victoria Thompson
TV Producer

Antonia Thompson
Senior Associate, Robert Burke Associates

Victoria and Antonia Thompson are sisters, and they happen to live in the same building in two separate apartments with identical layouts. Each has her own individual sense of style, but you can see that both inherited a strength for aesthetics and interiors. I was blown away by the fact that many pieces in their apartments are refurbished antiques which were found in flea markets and on EBay--flawlessly. Antonia and Victoria are never afraid to paint, reupholster or refinish their rare, well-priced finds. Many of the paintings hanging on the walls of both Victoria and Antonia's homes were painted by their mother, Elizabeth Thompson. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.