Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eat: L'as du Fallafel, The Marais, Paris

For a quick bite to eat while in Paris, stop by L'as du Fallafel in the Marais. You can only receive a real falafel if you stand in line and get it to go--highly recommended. Should you decide to sit inside one of the many crowded falafel restaurants on Rue du Rosiers, you will have to order a platter and make the pita yourself. Grab one to go, and I promise that you will go back every time you are in town for more. If the line is too long, step accross the street to Authenique Falafel; you have a lot of options amidst the 10+ falafel restaurants.
Mark Bittman of the New York Times describes the L'as du Fallafel experience perfectly:
"A good falafel sandwich is enough to make you a vegetarian, at least for one meal. That's my feeling, anyway, and at L'As du Fallafel — on Rue des Rosiers, in the heart of what was once Paris's most vibrant Jewish neighborhood — that feeling is compounded, because the falafel is so good that this is the one culinary destination in town I never skip. The sandwich contains the requisite super-crisp, garlicky chickpea fritters, with creamy hummus, lightly pickled red cabbage (something between slaw and kraut), salted cucumbers, fried eggplant and just-hot-enough harissa. This is all piled into a pita in such quantities that eating it is an adventure in napkin management. "
L'as du Fallafel
34, Rue des Rosiers
75004 Paris, France
+33 1 48 87 63 60

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