Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spaces: Nathalie Coppens, East Village

Occupation: Interior Designer, Bonetti / Kozerski

Natalie, a Belgian interior designer, and her husband have meticulously arranged their East Village apartment to perfection. You are immediately impressed upon entering the apartment, by the striking navy wall which grounds the entire space. Three bold profile drawings, mounted on cardboard, were purchased by Nathalie with her entire savings during her teenage years. What a wise investment. Just around the corner, you come across the bold, palm wallpapered bedroom wall which most importantly was self-installed. Among my other favorites in the apartment are the hundreds of Cd's which sit above the kitchen cabinets, a wax head designed by Nathalie's accessory-designer brother and a collection of whale and dolphin bones. Each and every piece in this apartment has been carefully selected and each piece has a story behind it.

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