Sunday, August 9, 2009

Love: Anayvelyse, Street Poet/Student

I was speechless today when I came across Anayvelyse, a student and poet, who has set up shop with her typewriter, a cardboard sign stating "Poem Shop; $2 Donation" and a magnitude of talent. She really offers something I personally haven't experienced in New York. I first stopped to ask if I could take her photo for my Faces series, and I was taken back by her gorgeous eyes and innocent voice. She said, "Yes, you may...would you like a poem?" Two poems later, I was blown away by her talent and the entire experience. You give her a topic and she writes. Within five minutes, she will recite the poem she has created, in front of your eyes, just for you, in an incredible voice made for reading poetry. What wonderful gifts. If you see her, make yourself stop. You will leave with a great memory, a gift/keepsake, and a taste of Bohemia. Anayvelyse normally works on 13th and University, but you may also find her on the corner of 3rd Avenue and St. Marks in front of the Starbucks. Above you will find the poems Anayvelyse wrote for me on Music and Film. Why not have a poem written for someone else about something they love...stick it in a frame, and you are done.


  1. any idea how to contact this girl? i've been checking religiously at the two locations mentioned in the post, but never find her. i really would like for her to write 5 or 6 for me as little bridesmaid gifts.....any ideas? thanks.

  2. i love it. i love ur creativity. ur vocab. ur love for poetry. contact me anytime for joint creative writing ideas that you may have!
    fellow poets are deeply appreciated.
    keep up the good work
    keep grindin