Tuesday, August 25, 2009

IInspiration: The Living Forest

I came across the Swedish holiday home of architects Hans Murman and Ulla Alberts in the July 2009 issue of Elle Decoration UK. A photograph was taken of the local junipers, blown up and printed on a netting which was stretched over the steel structure of the house. When you look at the landscape the house is nearly invisible in its surroundings. It is basically like wallpapering the outside of a house. The inside of the house offers a feeling of calmness and serenity.
Photos: Elle UK


  1. I can only dream of living there. It is magnicicent.

  2. what an incredible idea that's actually been implemented.
    leave it to the swedish to be so clever and original with design.
    it's extraordinary.

  3. I love architecture that blurs the boundaries of the interior and the exterior. I think living spaces that successfully integrate the two are ideal. You can dwell in the comforts of home while being one with the outdoors. Divine!