Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Art: Laura Skayhan, Photographer

Many people have inquired about the photographs on my walls in the post entitled Spaces: My Studio. While I took a handful of the images in my apartment, the series of framed photographs and the print above my bed are from the Baltimore-raised photographer, Laura Skayhan. I really believe that anyone can create a collection of inexpensive, original pieces from young artists that really give your home character. And why not support the young artists? I would encourage you to look through Laura's portfolio--the link is listed below. Prices generally range from $250-$750. She can print large format pieces as well--which would look incredible in any space. Laura's email is also listed if you would like to inquire about anything in particular. You will find a window series, loads of chandeliers and many gritty portraits--everything has a unique, raw edge which is always nice.

Laura Skayhan: Lulu362@mac.com

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