Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spaces: Henry and Amanda Mounser, Carroll Gardens Brooklyn, New York

Amanda Assad Mounser: Assad Mounser Jewelry Designer
Henry Mounser: Photographer

The Mounser apartment in Carroll Gardens is filled with unique antiques, flea market finds and thrifty accents. Henry and Amanda have used saturated colors and vintage florals to create a seamless ground for their incredible home accessories and accents. All of their discoveries are set in group arrangements; nothing is standing alone, and everything works in harmony. Amanda's custom necklaces hang from labeled nails for their recipients while Henry's turn tables incorporate his interests into the room in an unobtrusive manner--they even rest on a floral tablecloth. A statue of the Virgin Mary, medical supplies and antique cameras are just a few of my favorite finds. I have only touched on the many details in this Carol Gardens apartment that make it a favorite.
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  1. Sweet pad Amanda and Henry! Stace, your blog looks amazing! Amanda, yours too! I bookmarked both! I see my necklace there. I want!!!! LOL

  2. I love this apt!! Seriously fits the personalities of both Amanda and Henry!! Great space entry.