Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spaces: Alejandro Ingelmo, Soho Manhattan, New York

Designer, Owner: Alejandro Ingelmo Shoes and Accessories
www. AlejandroIngelmo.com

Miami-raised, New York City-based shoe designer Alejandro Ingelmo has a very strong point of view when it comes to shoes and his Soho apartment. While his preference in shoes is high and hot, his home aesthetic could be described as Mid-Century with a modern twist. His loft space seamlessly functions as both a showroom, corporate office, and home. Bruce Weber's W Magazine shot of Alejandro's shoes and two nude models hangs over the pedestals used to display both his men's and women's shoe collections while four large black and white photos of his family's shoe business--which began in Cuba four generations ago--hang above his sofa. His apartment serves as the perfect backdrop for his shoe and accessories collections which nod to both his Cuban past and his New York City present lifestyle.

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