Sunday, June 28, 2009

Travel: Paris

We are working from this incredible apartment on Place de Vosges in Paris' Marais this week. The courtyard surrounded, three-bedroom apartment is striking, charming and one of a kind. As you ascend up the stone, open-air stairwell, you have no idea what to expect. The entry way immediately takes your breath away, and that is only the beginning. This is the most charming apartment you have ever seen. Hanging from the hand-painted 17th Century beamed ceilings in each room are antique chandeliers. Between the two main living rooms rests a book case, framed by chandelier pedestals which sit rather than hang. The master, canopy bedroom stands in stark contrast to the two upstairs masculine bedrooms--each charming in its own way. You can only capture 1/100th of the apartment's charm in the photographs. I am ready to move in.


  1. fabulous! is it available to rent during the year?

  2. What lovely photos!! :)
    and such a lovely place to stay.


  3. so beautiful, these photos. i recently did a post on chandeliers- how neat to find yours here!

    found your blog through atlantis home; very glad i came across it.